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weighbridge load cell wiring method

Electronic floor scales (truck scales) generally use bridge QS load cells. Generally, 4-8 load cells are collected in the junction box, and then connected to the instrument by a main line. load cells of different manufacturers should be connected according to the instructions. The load cell wires made by different manufacturers are different in color. The […]

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How Do Axle Scales Work?

As one of the many types of truck scales on the market, truck axle scales are an excellent weighing solution for many in the trucking industry and beyond. To help determine whether an axle scale could be the best choice for your unique weighing needs, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about truck […]

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How to choose the right load cell

Since each option has its own unique advantages, the process of selecting a load cell is usually complicated. To be honest, different load cell applications have their own special requirements. Therefore, you should discuss the capacity requirements of the load cell with a knowledgeable supplier before choosing.   The decision you make based on the […]

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Shear beam load cells are widely used where operators need to measure compressive forces. The core component of a shear beam load cell is a spring element. This element is a piece of metal that is elastically deformed under load and recovers the moment the load is removed. This deformation or strain is picked up […]

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